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IGCSE and GCSE science tuition topics 

Course date: Jan 2023 but students can enrol at any time throughout the year

Key Stage 4: (Year 10 to 11, age 14-16)

At Key Stage 4, pupils are offered the option of taking either Combined Science, the award of two GCSEs, or triple science which is studying each science individually as GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Biology and GCSE Physics and receiving three GCSEs. In summary, more content is covered in triple compared with combined science. At Science With Confidence, we cover all the major examination boards such as OCR, Edexcel (GCSE and IGCSE), as well as AQA and can help students alongside their current students to help them get the best grade possible.

  • IGCSE Biology and GCSE Biology tuition topics

o   Cell biology

o   Transport systems

o   Health, disease and development of medicines

o   Coordination and control

o   Photosynthesis

o   Ecosystems

o   Evolution, inheritance and variation

  • IGCSE and GCSE Chemistry tuition topics

o   Atomic structure and the periodic table

o   Structure, bonding and the properties of matter

o   Chemical changes

o   Energy changes in chemistry

o   Rate and extent of chemical change

o   Chemical analysis

o   Chemical and allied industries

o   Earth and atmospheric science

  • GCSE Physics and IGCSE Physics tuition topics

o   Energy

o   Forces

o   Forces and motion

o   Wave motion

o   Electricity

o   Magnetism and electromagnetism

o   The structure of matter

o   Atomic structure

o   Space physics

IGCE/GCSE Sciences/Biology/Chemistry /Physics: Courses
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