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Key Stage 3 Science tuition topics

Course date: Jan 2023 but students can enrol at any time throughout the year

Key Stage 3 Science  (Year 7 to 9, age 11-14)

All pupils at the start of their secondary school education will study the following topics across Biology, Chemistry and Physics which Science With Confidence is able to offer support in:

  • Biology:

o   Structure and functions of living organisms

o   Material cycles and energy

o   Interactions and interdependencies

o   Genetics and evolution

  • Chemistry:

o   The particulate nature of matter

o   Atoms, elements and compounds

o   Pure and impure substances

o   Chemical reactions

o   Energetics

o   The periodic table

o   Materials

o   Earth and atmosphere

  • Physics:

o   Energy

o   Motion and forces

o   Waves

o   Electricity and magnetism

o   Matter

Key Stage 3 Science: Courses
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