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My personalised  approach to learning

My online science lessons are always carefully planned by me around the individual's need so every lesson will look and feel different for every student.  Each session is carefully crafted by showing consideration for the student's profile and needs and tailored to their pace of learning; with each lesson building on the pupil’s prior knowledge. 

A key focus and strategy that has guaranteed success in my online science tuition in my students is knowledge retrieval at the start of every lesson before visiting new content. This ensure that my pupils are retaining and securing the information they have learnt as well as looking forward to building new knowledge, all part of my confidence building approach to learning. 

Examination questions practice are also routinely built into the lessons so that students have ample opportunities to develop their examinations techniques and make them realise that success is easier to achieve than they think.

Studying Online
My approach: About

“I do, we do, you do”- working together to learn and achieve

Throughout the lesson, I follow my model of “I do, we do and you do” which means I will demonstrate how to answer questions until my student is confident on how to answer the question. At this point, we will then answer the question together where I will ask my student to talk me through the steps on how they would answer the question and I will provide any additional input needed; we then answer the question together. After this point, if my student is confident enough to answer the questions on their own, they then do so with me in the background, ready to provide support when needed or we continue working together on the questions until my student is comfortable enough to work independently. Whatever stage they are at, they can be assured they will receive complete attention throughout each lesson.

My approach: How It Works
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